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Tactics Canon & Plot Scheming
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Muu got hungry and ate our bio. How rude is that? Let's try this again.

This community is for the in-depth discussion of all things Tactics, both the anime and manga. Yes, it's nice that you have love for Haruka/Kantarou, yes it's nice that you think Sugino/Muu are forever, but this isn't the place to declare that love, there are other comms for that. Here is for things that you'd bore your regular friends with, like "Where did Youko come from?" or "How did Raikou, a monster hunter, hook up with Ibaragi, an oni?" or even "Why does Haruka like shiny things, is it because of his connection with crows or is he just a freak for the shiny?" You get the idea. As nice as all the wonderful Tactics communities on LJ are, it's sometimes hard to find some good plot/character/universe discussion other than HaruKan stuff, so we wanted to make a place specifically FOR that good stuff. This place isn't to discuss what you WISH would happen (Haruka and Kantarou yaoi or whatever), but what DID happen and what that might mean, and what might've happened (like character origins and whatnot). We've got nothing against imagination and speculation, we're just looking for love for the other characters and things in Tactics besides Haru/Kan and Sugino/Muu. We love Sugino/Muu too, but there's also Youko, Raikou, Ibaragi, Watanabe, Rosalie, and many others who get ignored in favor of S/M and H/K. We want them to be loved too. ;)

Ideally, that'll also make this comm a nice place to ask for fanfic accuracy help, since we'll be rambling on and speculating about details.


This is a new comm, so there aren't many rules, but we won't hesitate to make a new one if it becomes necessary. Right now, common sense applies, though some people (we've all met 'em before) don't seem to have any, so let's spell it out:

- Please try to type as legibly as possible; this means no teenspeak ("u" for "you" and "r" for "are" etc), and please try to use punctuation and capitalization as properly as you can manage. Also break your stuff up into paragraphs if it's long. I'm not asking for grammatical perfection, but if you take the time to make your post easy for everyone to read by dividing up sentences and paragraphs, more people will read it, and you'll get more comments, so it's good for you. It's okay if you're not a native English speaker and not very good at English, just try your best, and let everyone know that English isn't your first language; who knows, someone might speak your language and be able to help you out in expressing yourself.

- Debates are okay, but don't attack the person debating with you and stick to attacking the debate. Ex. if someone says that Youko would like the Beastie Boys and you think she couldn't possibly EVER like the Beastie Boys, you can say you disagree and explain why, but you can't cross the line and be all "Oh my god you are SO STUPID for thinking that!!!" or anything to that end.

- If you're going to post fanfic or fan art or something and ask for Tactics-specific feedback (accuracy and characterization as opposed to grammar or technique), please put it behind an LJ-cut. Also put a warning on if it falls into a rating of R or higher (and why! drug use, sexual overtones, violence, whatever), just so the disclaimer's there for anyone who doesn't wanna read above a certain rating level.

- Posting icons is okay *SOMETIMES* but if it becomes a regular thing, we'll have to ask you to stop for a while in favor of real discussion. This isn't a serious on-topic-only place all the time, so icons now and again are welcome, it just shouldn't be the majority of what gets posted here. Pretty much the same thing applies for posting about Tactics-related merchandise (soundtracks, DVDs, artbooks, whatever); I'd love to hear about it when new stuff comes out, it just shouldn't be the majority of what's talked about.

- Don't advertise your community or anything without permission, please ask the mods (see below for who they are) first and get the okay.

Your Moderators are aethyrkitten and vulpecular. Please come to us with any questions or concerns you might have, we don't usually bite much.

Other Tactics-related Communities

I can't remember them all off the top of my head, so drop me (aethyrkitten) a line if you'd like to trade links or something.

harukan (we told you there were places to go for your Haru/Kan discussion, now didn't we?)