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Saturday, February 25th, 2006
10:16 pm
Discuss, Puzzled, Confused, Curious, Mysteries, Questions...
Firstly... I'm not sure whether I can post this or not if not... please delete...

Question 01:
Well, I'm sure everyone here read Tactics's manga or at least watch its anime...and I believe that everyone is really curious about Kantarou's real age. So why is Kantarou's age a secret? From what everyone sees just by the appearance, Kantarou looks just like a teenager whose age is sixteen or seventeen, but if Hasumi is said to be Kantarou's junior and Yumeyakko is said to be Kantarou's childhood friends? How old is Kantarou in actual? 25? 30? or more than 30? Kantarou's University teacher has retired for 10 years so if you calculated it properly... Kantarou should have been more than 30... and from the manga when Haruka asked Yumeyakko about Kantarou's age why does Yumeyakko's surrounding suddenly turned so dark?

Question 02:
If you believe in reincarnation...Could it be that the one that seal Haruka is actually Kantarou's past life? If you recall Haruka(in the last episode) did say that Kantarou and the person who seal him look alike... and it's Haruka's instinct that tried to kill Kantarou... Haruka's hatred is towards the person that sealed him not really the Ichinomiya family... they must have the same presence that made Haruka wanted to kill...what do you think?

Question 03:
This is mainly from the manga it's a bit different from the anime... In the manga, Ayame's past life seem to be Haruka's master... and the reason for Haruka to be so weak is because his previous master died before breaking the name contract... so how did Ayame end up to be Minamoto Raiko's sister... could it have been the Minamoto that is behind all this? Why does everything seem to be related to Minamoto Raiko's doing?

Question 04:
In the manga... Kantarou's seem to have a stepmother... what happen to his family why is he being "abandon"? And whose grave is it that he visited? Why does he ask the grave "Have you ever love me?" Haruka's say that he visting some grave of a relative...could it be his mother's grave?


I think that will be all the question I'll ask if there is a mistake to this post please delete it...
Sunday, May 15th, 2005
1:28 am
Just One Thing..
So we know lots of things were kept a mystery about characters in both the manga and anime. With that in mind, if there were ONE thing you could get explained for you about any ONE character, what would it be? It can be in regards to another character, but if your answer is something like "OMG I'd wanna know if Haru and Kan hook up!!!11!11!" I swear to god I will delete your comment. And then tell all my friends about you and we will all laugh because there is so much more to this series that you're missing out on.

So, if you could know ONE thing about any ONE character that isn't explained in the manga/anime (since few of us have access to the whole manga just yet, you can stick to just the anime if you want, and anime-specific characters like Suzu are okay too), what would it be? And why?

My answer:
I've said it before, I want to know the history between Kantarou and Raikou's families. Both the Ichinomiya and the Minamoto were yokai hunters of a sort throughout "history" (in the Tactics universe, anyway), with the Minamoto apparently using more brute force magic-with-swords and the Ichinomiya using more passive senjutsu/onmyo Buddhist type stuff. Kan recognizes Raikou pretty quickly based on certain characteristics, and SPOILER!!Collapse ) so there's got to be some tension or at least some wounded pride there. Raikou's got some breed of respect for Kantarou, it looks like, although he probably treats Kan a little patronizingly (which is understandable, since R's philosophy is all "kill the yokai!" and Kan's more "be my friend??"), and I have to wonder if they could've been friends or even partners had the Haruka thing not been a gigantic wedge in relations between the families. I just wanna know how far back their families go, and why, and that sort of thing.
Sunday, April 24th, 2005
1:15 am
Question #1
Well there're only like 3 of us as of this posting, so.. um. You know. We'll do our best to make this thing discussionlike. I haven't read the entirety of the manga series yet, so this mostly applies to the anime. And thus, if any of this has been answered in the manga, someone'd better talk. Anywho..

Why does Kan only live with Youko at the beginning of the series? He's clearly shown with his other monster friends from childhood in the flashbacks, and he finds them and asks them for help in the course of the series, so why the distancing? Why is Youko the only one with him regularly?

My thinking is Youko's only there regularly because he named her and she's got to tag along no matter what, and thus the rokurokubi and other childhood friends of Kan's can stay in the forest where they wanna be, but that still doesn't explain just why he never named them. Did he not know how to as a kid? That's possible, but then why didn't he name them when he learned how to? And why did he name Youko, if he doesn't seem to name youkai very often in general? We know why he named Haruka, since he pretty much spells it out for us, but Youko's naming background is never explained, and no mention of why he doesn't name all the others. Or maybe he did have the others name bonded earlier but released them when he moved to Tokyo so they could stay in their own home area?


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Thursday, April 21st, 2005
12:31 am
Obligatory Welcome Post
And I have no idea what to put here. I doubt this community'll grow overly much, so it hardly seems like there's a point in any official introductory post, but let's give it a shot anyway.

III'm Nat, I'll be your hostess this evening, and I'd like to say I have a favorite Tactics character but I like most of them quite a bit for different reasons. I want people to babble with aside from vulpecular and sometimes sweetjubilee who don't look at me funny when I talk Tactics, so...

That's really about it. I've never had to do a real welcome post before, and thus this one.. well.. kinda sucks, doesn't it? But you'll have to cut me some slack. Besides, the focus is on discussions (which there'll be some of, promise!), not the crappy welcome post. I hope.

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